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Pavement Maintenance: Seal coat and Crack seal

Advanced Paving is a master of asphalt maintenance. We are a fully licensed insured asphalt contractor and provide our customers with quality service.  We offer multiple asphalt maintenance options, Let us put life back into your aging asphalt through our maintenance program. The benefits of asphalt maintenance far exceed the expense. 



Asphalt maintenance is the single most cost efficient way to protect your investment. Performing regular asphalt maintenance can not only greatly extend the life of asphalt but can save you time, money and eliminate stress from failing asphalt.

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Seal Coat and Frictional Mastic

Sealing is effective to renew old asphalt surfaces that have become dry and brittle with age, to seal small surface cracks and surface voids, and to inhibit raveling (loss of surface aggregate). Seal coat should be applied soon as any of these distresses are noticed.

Seal coating works to replace the binder that holds asphalt together and overtime begins to oxidize and weather. Moisture can penetrate the asphalt and cracks can begin to form. Seal coating asphalt can help prevent the cracks from forming consequently extending its life. 

Even the best quality asphalt needs protection! The following all prematurely break down your pavement:

  • Sun
  • Traffic & Oil
  • Rain, Weather & Moisture Intrusion

How does this benefit me?

Seal coat forms a tough, weather, wear and UV resistant surface and provides a new wear layer to your pavement resulting in a deep black and protected pavement.

Limiting the damaging effects to the asphalt pavement before damage sets in, leads to an optimum and cost-effective asphalt preservation program.

It gets Better!

On average asphalt that is seal coated every three years can not only double its longevity, but also save the owner about 50% compared to an unmaintained parking lot.


Crack and Gap Seal

Crack and gap sealants are a priority when looking to reduce the impact mother nature has on asphalt and concrete. Asphalt is porous in nature and as asphalt ages the binders weaken and cracks begin to form. Our climate provides drastic climate changes and wrecks havoc on asphalt. We use products that are formulated with a medium viscosity for all-round ease of application, and is ideal for highways, county roads, municipal streets, parking lots and pathways.

What does this mean for you?

Pavement maintenance such as crack and gap seals are a great start towards stretching pavement maintenance dollars.

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Chip Seal

Chip seal is the application of a special wear surface over existing pavement. This protective wear surface is one of many ways to extend and protect asphalt pavement. We are one of the few contractors in the region that performs this type of work. There are many benefits of chip sealing.

  • Covers old and raveled asphalt
  • Seals the pavement from moisture and the elements, helps to protect the existing pavement and extend pavement life.
  • Provides a highly skid resistant surface, which is beneficial during wet weather.

The process of chip sealing

  1. First an emulsified mixture is applied to the road using a special spray truck. As soon as the liquid asphalt meets the road surface, the water begins to evaporate.
  2. Immediately after spraying this binder, a layer of crushed gravel is applied by the chip spreader.
  3. Next, the gravel is compacted and embedded into the asphalt by rubber-tired rollers. However, even after rolling, some gravel will not become embedded in the asphalt.
  4. The newly chip-sealed surface can require up to two days to cure properly. Hot, dry weather helps speed up this process in which all of the remaining water in the emulsion evaporates and the asphalt hardens. We advise that vehicles travel at reduced speeds during the curing process.
  5. After curing, the loose gravel is swept off the surface. This may take several sweepings.
  6. The final step is to apply a top sealant over the chip sealed roadway.